Suffolk Fencing Academy offers multiple programs that accommodate to the age and experience level for each student. Each program offers different styles of exercises and coaching methods that help us assess each student based on their individual needs.  

Our 4,000 square foot facility provides a safe and fun learning environment. At our facility we have multiple fencing strips for instruction, waiting room for parents, bathrooms, central air conditioning and heat. Our facility is designed to meet our instructional needs with a brand new hardwood floor for our footwork.


Join our Musketeer program to introduce your young child to their new favorite sport! Suffolk Fencing Academy has developed a fun and safe way to develop your child's fine and gross motor skills while having fun! Using a 3 piece plastic electronic fencing set, your child will have fun with their classmates as they learn basic swordplay. The Musketeer program is a great way to develop your child's coordination, balance and strength.


Ages 4 - 6

1 Hour Program

Monday-Friday @ 5PM
Saturdays @ 10AM

Up to 6 classes per week - $40/mo.

$100 Annual Membership
OR $10/mo. with 1 year contract


Become a Young Squire and introduce your child to the sport of Fencing! Our program is specifically designed to help develop the appropriate fencing skills while having fun! By using our hybrid coaching style and methods, we use games and training drills to help our students achieve excellence. Our Young Squires program is designed to develop your child's balance, coordination, strength, footwork, and concentration.


Ages 7 - 9

1 Hour Program

Monday-Friday @ 5PM
Saturdays @ 11AM

Up to 6 classes per week - $80/mo.

$200 Annual Membership
OR $20/mo. with One Year Contract

Students in our Pre-Competitive Academy program improve their fencing skills from our highly structured curriculum. Our group instruction emphasizes the "work hard play hard" mentality by incorporating games into our program. This program allows our students to work on cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, foot work, coordination, fencing strategy, and fencing scenarios.


2 Hour Program

Ages 10 and up

Monday - Fridays @ 6PM
Saturdays @ 12PM

Up to 6 classes per week - $140/mo.

$400 Annual Membership
OR $40/mo. with One Year Contract

SFA offers weapon-specific classes to athletes who are considered Academy students. Once the athlete has selected a weapon of choice, night classes will be available to better enhance their skill of that one weapon.

Students may attend up to 4 classes per week for $130/mo. and 2 days of weapon specific training.




Ages 10 - 17 // 6PM to 8PM


Ages 10 - 17 // 12PM to 2PM



Ages 10 - 17 // 6PM to 8PM



Ages 10 - 17 // 6PM to 8PM

We will be offering speed and agility training classes for our members between the ages of 10 and 17. These classes will be a great addition for competitive fencers, as it will really help further develop their strength, conditioning, and coordination skills. These will be taught by Coach Joseph Galano, a Certified Personal Trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Ages 10 - 17

1 Hour Program

Mondays & Wednesdays @ 5PM
Saturdays @ 10:30AM

Membership Addition - $60/mo.*
Non-members - $80/mo.


In addition to the group classes, private speed and agility lessons are available for purchase to be scheduled with Coach Joe.

30 Minute Lessons

1 lesson - $35
5 lessons - $150
10 lessons - $275

In the words of our coaches:

“Private lessons are for a student to develop their skills beyond the basics and group instruction.”

“Working 1 on 1 with the coach of their choice, the lesson will be tailored to the student, focusing on their individual skills and techniques.”

“Coaches often take the time to work on a student’s bladework, footwork, and techniques in a way that the student can understand.”

30 Minute Lesson - $35

5 Private Lessons - $150

10 Private Lessons - $275


*Single and 5 lesson packages are valid for 1 month from the date of purchase. 10 lesson packages are valid for 2 months from the date of purchase. Unused lessons will expire. No refunds/credits.*

Suffolk Fencing Academy offers six full size strips with up to date scoring machines.

7:30PM TO 9:00PM

1:30PM TO 3PM

Nightly Floor Fee - $10


Monday - Epee
Tuesday - Foil
Wednesday - Sabre
Thursday - Sabre
Friday - Foil
Saturday - Epee