Parents Night

We held our first ever Parents Night Potluck Party on Sunday 7/31 and it was quite the success!

There was around 25 of us, parents and SFA coaches included, and lots of food! Everyone brought delicious eats, including homemade mac & cheese, baked ziti, taco pasta, shrimp, an assortment of salads and dips, cookies and other desserts.

Some of the parents wanted to get in on some fencing action, so we dressed them in our special gear, reserved for our musketeers (4-6 year-olds) and let them go at each other a bit! A few moms and dads had some real good moves!

We want to thank all the parents who came and thank Coach Amanda for organizing this event. With all the positive feedback we've received, we will host another in the future!

Check out our Facebook page to see photos!