Know Your Weapon: Sabre

Over the last two weeks, we hope our blog posts have helped to break down the key differences in the foil and the epee. This week, we introduce the third and final weapon used in fencing: the sabre!!

                                         A sabre fencer may use the edge of their blade to score a touch.

The sabre is similar in length and weight to the foil, but the use of the blade is much different in action. Sabreists may use the edge of their blade to cut as well as thrust in order to score a touch.

The weapon is meant to simulate the cavalry experience, and as such the target area consists of the area from the hips to the top of the head. Like foil, the sabre fencer wears a lame around the target area to allow the scoring machine to register a touch. Because the head is also a valid target area, a sabre fencer's mask is also electrically wired.

The right-of-way restrictions in sabre fencing strongly encourage quick and decisive actions by favoring the fencer whom attacks first. This makes sabre the perfect weapon for the aggressive fencer, with sabreists rushing to get the first attack from the moment the referee starts a bout.

We hope you've enjoyed learning about the weapons in fencing! Which is your favorite??