SFA's Interns Take Their First Fencing Lesson

The interns at Suffolk Fencing Academy came on board with no fencing experience or knowledge. They've been learning and growing as they work and have found some time to take classes. Here are their responses after taking their first ever fencing class!

Gio's Reaction: 

Fencing is intense! It is awkward at first to re-train your body to walk sideways, and it takes a toll on the glutes to stay in a low position for an extended period of time, but I loved every minute of it. Fencing demands you to be very conscious of your form and body movements. In this way, it’s a very stimulating sport – things happen very quickly and you must be aware of what you are doing and plan your reactions carefully on the fly. It forces you to get in the zone, and I love that. It’s a very personal and exciting experience. It was jarring at first to get hit by a weapon - especially in the mask, but I quickly adjusted and felt safe and comfortable. That’s not to say I didn’t go home with a couple of bruises though! I had a great deal of fun and even won one of my first practice matches, but it’s clear to me my technique needs lots of work. Looking forward to improving upon my lunges and becoming more comfortable and graceful on the strip! 

Alexis's Reaction:

My name is Alexis and I am a Graphic Design intern at Suffolk Fencing Academy. After our internship hours Coach Amanda taught us how to fence! It's really fun! We learned how to use the Epee weapons. We fenced a bit after learning foot work/basics. We learned Parry 4. It’s funny how slow we all were because we were so focused and new to the sports and muscle movements. I was pretty slow with remembering the moves and actually preforming, but I won both my bouts against my fellow interns. I got some skin scrapped off while fencing. I gave the other guy a bruise on his chest so it's all good. I was surprised how hard the sport is and how much more goes into it (rules, footwork, concentration, etc.). The weapons are heavy and your arm starts to hurt because you haven’t trained your body to holding them. We practiced lunges with a glove. We had to throw the glove up and lunge to grab the glove before it fell. It overall was so much fun. I’ve never noticed how many muscles I had until after our first lesson ended and I was sore. I’m excited to fence again!!