April is Bring a Buddy Month - Bring a Friend and Pie Your Coach!

At the start of April, the Suffolk Fencing Academy introduced the ‘Bring a Buddy’ campaign. In an effort to bring in more members and breathe new life into the academy, SFA is allowing academy members to bring a friend in to each and every class they attend – completely free for the entire month. These ‘buddies’ – as we call them, are able to get a taste of the fencing experience in a friendly and approachable environment, without having to purchase equipment or pay the class fee. Buddies also receive a complimentary SFA water bottle when they attend, to help them stay hydrated during class and inspire the feeling of belonging in our ever-expanding fencing family.

Academy students also receive an incentive for bringing their friends to class! Each time an academy student brings a buddy to class, they will receive a coupon – good for one whipped cream pie. What would a fencer want with a pie, you ask? To pie their favorite coach in the face of course! That’s right – at the end of the month (April 30th at 6:00 p.m.) students can cash in their coupons and get the opportunity to throw pies at their coaches! This is one of the many fun ways the SFA tries to get our students excited about fencing and promote the sport in the community. Since the campaign has begun, enrollment has increased by over a dozen students!