Fencing Exhibition and Commercial Shoot 9/12

First off, we would like to shout a big thank you to all who helped make this event possible! Those working, volunteering, and especially those who attended as our guests!

We were pleased to provide a live fencing demonstration open to the public and have so many young volunteers. Mixed Up Media was able to get great footage and the latest SFA commercial will air within the next year.

The Knox School was a wonderful host, providing us with ample space on their beautiful campus in St James, and we look forward to doing more work with them in the future.

Thank you to those who provided live entertainment: All Island DJ Kevin, Friday Night Face Off improv comedy troupe, comedian and host Mike Puma, singers Phil Loft and Real Tomboy.

General Manager and social media guru, Amanda Birro, posted photos and videos throughout the day––which can be seen on our Instagram (SFAfencing) and Facebook pages. Photos from our professional photographer of the day will be available for viewing soon.

If you were unable to attend, but want more information on fencing, come down for a free trial! You can schedule for it online at anytime.

We make fencing fun and affordable, with special offers such as a referral discount, military discount, multiple family member discount, and occasionally Groupon specials. We also do Scout events and birthday parties. See the Programs tab on our site for more info or give us a call.

**if you are interested in bringing a fencing demonstration to your school, fair, fundraiser, or other event, please contact General Manager Amanda Birro (abirro@suffolkfencingacademy.com).**