SFA's First Tournament Series

We held our first series of tournaments across the previous three weeks. Epee took place on Sunday October 18th, Foil on Sunday October 25th, and Sabre on Sunday November 1st. We had a lot of SFA members and non-SFA members alike come out to compete and what fun we had!

These were beginner tournaments, but everyone had their game faces on! Everyone was full of energy and enthusiasm and the SFA staff is so proud of the good sportsmanship everyone showed. It was a lot of work to prep and organize, but well worth it! Seeing the amount of fun the fencers and their friends and families had at the tournaments was great. A huge thank you to all who attended! Also thank you to those who helped out by donating or volunteering! The SFA staff wants everyone to feel like we are a second home, and the amount of support and love we saw these previous few weeks has been so meaningful to us. It means a lot when we see the students make friends with one another, the parents being friendly, and everyone coming together in this positive sports-minded environment we've created.

Everyone was wonderful as far as their work ethic and positive attitudes, here are just some notable finishes:

  • In E & Under Men's Epee - Chris Sforza took 1st place and earned his E2015 rating
  • In Y14 Mixed Epee - Nathan Carey placed 2nd
  • In Y10/Y12 Mixed Epee - Grace Smith placed 1st
  • In Y14 Mens Foil - Neil Mehta placed 3rd
  • In Y10/Y12 Mixed Foil - Jeremy Schkoda placed 6th
  • In E & Under Womens Sabre - Mary Elizabeth Wissemann placed 3rd
  • In Y10/Y12 Mixed Sabre - Paul Kahl placed 3rd and Joseph Dolomite placed 6th

Again, congrats and thank you to all fencers! We look forward to seeing you at our next series of tournaments in December! 1st place winners in each event will get a new pair of fencing shoes! Medals 1st-3rd in E & Under and Y14. Medals 1st-8th in Y10/Y12 Mix. Please be sure to sign up on AskFred.

12/6 - Epee

12/13 - Foil

12/20 - Sabre