Gifts Fit for a Fencer

The holidays are coming! What are you going to give the fencer in your life?

One idea is private lessons! SFA offers holiday gift certificates that can be used towards paying for private lessons (or group instruction). If the special someone is already enrolled in classes, private lessons can help give them an extra boost or competitive edge!

If your fencer is new to the sport, a great idea may be to get them a piece of equipment they need. Perhaps a mask, glove, body cords or weapon.

If your fencer already has their own equipment, or the cost of equipment isn't in your budget, here are some other fun gift ideas!:

  • a fencing key chain
  • fencing weapon necklace
  • fencing weapon earrings
  • a BBQ sword skewer
  • pillows with fencers on them
  • a fencing cup or mug
  • the movie The Princess Bride
  • the United States Fencing Association now sells official USA Fencing apparel and products
  • there are also lots of fun fencing tshirts out there on websites like CafePress and Zazzle.